Milecastle Class 2

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Planning a warning story.

Last week we heard the story of Little Red Riding Hood. This week we have been planning our own warning story. Yesterday we made a story mountain to help plan what we wanted to write and today we told each other our stories. We also had two different coloured stars. When we heard our partner use a coordinating conjunction they received a red star and when they used an exclamation they received a green star. Ask your child to tell you their story this weekend as next week they are going to write it!


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More Everyday Magic.

This week Rae came back into school for our next, ‘Everyday Magic’ session. We talked about how our faces and bodies changed when we felt different emotions. We then drew 3 faces, an angry face, a happy face and a sad face. we coloured them in the colours that we thought our faces might seem when we experienced these emotions.

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Food Chains

In science, we have been learning about food chains today. The children found out that the living things in a food chain all depend on each other in order to survive. Most food chains start with a plant because they can produce their own energy. The first living thing in a food chain is called a ‘producer’. The producer is then eaten by an animal (a consumer) and the energy is transferred to the animal. This continues throughout the food chain. Today, we focussed on food chains involving sea creatures, linked to our topic. The children played ‘The Food Chain Game’ where they had to sequence living things to produce different food chains.

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3D Shape

After a week on 2D shape last week, we are now moving onto learning about 3D shape. This morning, we made a discovery! We realised that a cube was made up of 6 squares stuck together! We then noticed that all 3D shapes are actually made up of 2D shapes. We call these, faces. The children drew around the faces of 3D shapes to explore their 2D faces.

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To coincide with Remembrance Day we have been thinking about peace, friendship and cooperation this week. Every day we have had a circle time, an activity or a game to help us realise that we all need to cooperate to live peacefully. Yesterday we worked in groups to put jigsaw pieces together but the problem we had was that we weren’t allowed to speak! Afterwards we talked about how difficult it was to communicate without speaking to each other. Today we worked in threes. We were given 6 pictures. We had to sequence them to show how two donkeys solved a problem. We managed this very well and knew straight away that the solution to their problem was communication and sharing.

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In science this week we have been exploring habitats and microhabitats. We have already looked at a microhabitat this year when we visited the lighthouse. It was a rockpool. Today we went into the habitat of the wildlife garden to look for microhabitats and the creatures living in them. We found logs, stones and leaves which are all microhabitats. We found slugs, snails, woodlice and worms living either in them or under them. These minibeasts live there because the conditions are dark, damp and warm and they offer protection from the weather and from predators.